Honeypot Project

Multiplatform collection, malicious IPs and Hashes/IOCs (updated 15/6/2022)

Through some scripting and advanced googling, I managed to automatically pull every offending IP, along with the malicious hashes that my honeypots continuously capture and used it to create custom IOC collection on VirusTotal.
You can download the collections and use them as an IP blacklist or check your network against any IOCs.

The exhaustive honeypots list can be found in the collection’s description. Some of the services/protocols used by the honeypots are

– SSH : Cowrie
– RDP, FTP, Http(s) : dionaea
– SIP VoIP : Sentrypeer
– Android Debug Bridge (ADB) : ADB Honey
and many more.

*The collections will be updated every Sunday.
** Project discontinued, last update 15/06/2022